Guide to Business Modelling

About Corporate Edge Limited

Corporate Edge is a business modelling and training consultancy. We specialise in supporting big ticket transactions in oil, mining, airlines, telecoms, energy (fossil based and renewable) and transport. Our main activities are building models for our clients that support transactions as well as delivering highly tailored training in finance, business case development and business modelling. In detail we:


  • Facilitate business modelling design workshops
  • Construct highly sophisticated Excel and VB models
  • Provide technical support to help client modelling groups
  • Add intuitively designed front ends to existing models
  • Apply valuation techniques to enable Monte Carlo analysis and dependency ranking
  • Help apply best practice and develop client modelling standards
  • Train people in all aspects of Excel including basic structures, dynamic modelling, VB applications and graphical presentation.
  • Train people in finance, business case development and cash flow management


We tend to form long term partnerships with our clients, many of which have been with the business for over fifteen years.


Our team of experts are all Chartered Accountants as well as being highly knowledgeable and passionate about the practical applications of Excel and VB in business. They enjoy developing innovative solutions to the situations posed by our clients.

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