Guide to Business Modelling


Chapter 3:


Chart 3.13 has an error in the following formula:

B17 = COUNTIF(B2:B10,"=2")

The formula should read:

B17 = COUNTIF(B2:B10,">2")


Chapter 18:

Chart 18.5 in the book is incorrect.  The code in chart 18.5 should be used instead.


Chapter 20:

Example 20.4 has an error in line 3. It should not have an equals sign in it and read:

If Sheet1.Range(“H” & Count)<>”” Then  

Page 48:  penultimate paragraph, first sentence. The words in brackets should be swapped such that real (excludes inflation) and nominal (includes inflation).


Page 59:  the table, row entitled “Planning permission in power transmission lines”. The text under Paths 1 and 2 should be swapped.



If you spot any errors in the charts, please report them to

Thank you.